Why the road to success is all in the planning

Off-plan purchasing is a relatively new concept, having only been around for the last twenty years or so. Many people are still wary of purchasing a property without seeing the bricks and mortar in situ. After all, isn’t the traditional way of buying your home all about a wonder round someone else’s property, trying to keep a poker face about their choice of carpet? But times have changed, particularly in the way consumers behave, and buying a property is no exception. If we think back, there was a time when we’d laugh if someone suggested we’d be ordering our clothes and food online, let alone the idea that we might even find  ‘the one’ on the internet. But as technology facilitates our progress through a new age, the savvy property buyer is purchasing properties off-plan and making a good investment in the process. But buying before the construction is complete, there’s a whole host of benefits that you simply wouldn’t get from purchasing in the more traditional way.

Pick of the Crop

There can be a reason why there’s just ‘one apartment remaining’ and by purchasing off-plan, you can chose the best your property developer has to offer. Because the intelligent property purchaser will buy off-plan, this means that the remaining units can often be the slightly less sought after apartments, but not necessarily the cheaper ones. By the time a property developer has completed the build and is actively marketing the finished homes, it’s all about the maximum price. So, it makes sense to be an early bird and close the deal on the best apartment for the keenest price.

Choose Wisely

By buying a property off-plan, you not only get to choose your plot, but might have a say in the finishing touches too. Sometimes people are reticent about a large property development project, because of the possible uniform finish. Committing to a property in the early stages can be really exciting and means that your property development purchase has a bit of ‘you’ about it.

Great Investment Opportunity

Once a property is completed and ready to inhabit, you’re already facing the current market price. Buying a property in London, for example, can mean that this can often be at the maximum asking price. However, if you purchase wisely, off-plan and before they hit the open market you can find yourself with a great investment that has already made money, before you’ve even moved in.

It’s true that buying off plan can feel risky but nabbing the right property can significantly increase in value by the completion date, providing you with not only a beautiful home to look forward to, but a sound investment too.  

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