Why everyone’s dining out on the rise of the canary

There’s nothing more fundamental to cool, urban living than having the array of restaurants that London offers. With a city that embraces difference, and enjoys worldwide influence when it comes to cuisine, it can be tricky to know what to go for. You want Italian, your partner wants Japanese, the dog wants…. whatever’s on offer. However, while no one could say that there isn’t a good choice of eateries throughout the UK’s favourite city, the problem is that your Italian and their Japanese can be a tube or cab ride away from one another.  The great thing about Canary Wharf, is that it has an incredible selection of eateries right in the centre of this vibrant area.

E14 has simply taken all the best bits of London and condensed them into a bite sized location that is buzzing 24/7. You could be forgiven for thinking you were in a cool, European city with its lively atmosphere that flows through the veins of this part of London.  What Canary Wharf has is its own identity - which is something quite unique. Its collection of stylish apartments, great bars and events venues emulates a large city, with the enticement of a small geographical coverage.  The developers at The Madison ‘don’t do compromise’ and their new project in Canary Wharf is no exception to the area’s high standards. But it’s not just about the living space at The Madison that needs to impress, the surroundings have to exceed expectation and offer luxury living, indoors and out. One of the musts when it comes to city living, is having great eateries just moments from your front door.

There’s the Boisdale offering mouth-watering steaks with its elegant ambience and superlative service. From its prestigious location overlooking the fountains of Cabot Square, and in house cigar library with tobacco predating Castro’s revolution, there’s always reason to treat yourself to a magnificent dining experience in this impressive venue. While many Londoners find themselves trundling back on the tube post dinner to get home in time to let the dog out, everything is right here in the central district of E14.  Everyone’s talking about moving east and the iconic Madison Building is located right in the heart of this much sought after location. One of the reasons for the sideways move is because of the many restaurants Canary Wharf has to offer

And if a juicy steak isn’t your bag, there’s always Roka, with its impressive dishes and flowing tranquillity. Roka simply means a meeting place for friends, to share food and drink. The beautifully crafted Japanese venue lives up to its name, with a menu second to none.

So with fabulous eateries from Japanese to British contemporary cuisine, whether you’re planning to give your taste buds a treat or just want to post a picture of what you’re eating on Instagram, there’s no better time to be part of Canary Wharf’s dining vibe.

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