Traveling in the city is about to get exciting

While the transport links in and around Canary Wharf are already pretty impressive, there’s another jewel in the crown.  The hype around the Crossrail project is electric, and with the Canary Wharf section scheduled for completion in 2018 it’s easy to see why. Crossrail is an innovative new train line strategically positioned underneath the monumental five story Crossrail Place. After a challenging design brief, to create a cutting edge transport system positioned eighteen metres below India Quay’s water level, it’s no wonder we’re drowning in the excitement of its launch.  The station itself compromises of eight stylish escalators, linking the complex matrix of platforms and levels, encapsulating flowing access to travel effortlessly between each concourse while enjoying a spectacular view. The Crossrail structure itself has been influenced by a nautical design in keeping with the water’s edge, to appear like a distinguished glass ship about to embark on a futuristic voyage.  There’s also the added attraction of its breath-taking visual feast that the design team at Crossrail have included with the use of light and air, creating a contemporary, exciting experience in travel which is like no other.

In most stations up and down the UK the ticket office is somewhat underwhelming, but at Crossrail the creators have designed a space that looks more like a modern art museum than a ticket booth. Accessed by long-rise moving staircases, there is an element of theatre about the journey into the station. By using a central column of vertical circulation the floors and platforms have a sense of fluidity, linking each space aesthetically with colour and light. Even if you don’t need to catch a train, it’s worth a visit to simply see this magnificent structure ‘in action’. Above the station’s main area is over a hundred thousand square feet of shops and leisure facilities; so in the unlikely event that your train is delayed, there’s plenty to do while you’re waiting.  There’s also a lush roof top garden with its self-irrigation system using natural resources including solar power and rainfall, making the whole project pretty eco-friendly (with absolutely no compromise on style)

The addition of the Crossrail will make it even easier to get out and about. To travel to Liverpool Street, for example, will take just 6 minutes from Canary Wharf as opposed to its current journey of 22 minutes – now that really is impressive. While the benefits of the Crossrail train link is plain to see, giving quick and easy access to the rest of the city and beyond,  it also promises to be an iconic building, raising the bar for the rest of London’s transport system.  

So, with trains due to run every five minutes during busy periods, there’s no stopping you.

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