The benefits of living or investing in the city lifestyle

The many benefits of living in the city and all that city life has to offer can often be taken for granted. We’re all too busy living, working and playing in our urban homes that we don’t take time to appreciate the unique opportunities of city life.

London is renowned internationally as a business, cultural and tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors from around the world. The longer-term investment in the city, its many prime residential locations and the variety offered by London property developments mean the city also attracts people investing in property. So, what makes this city such a great place to live and invest in?

This may seem surprising to say but living in a city can be good for your health. Perhaps one of the simplest ways the city living can help your health is by keeping you active. With so much on your doorstep, you can walk everywhere, and in a city as architecturally interesting, beautiful and diverse as London there’s plenty to see along the way. But it’s not just the closeness of amenities that means you don’t have to rely on transport to get to work or go out in the evening. London has a lot of open space to take advantage of, and property developments are also seizing opportunities to provide green spaces for residents. Liberty Square, part of The Madison development, offers the opportunity for fresh air, relaxation and space to play in a peaceful garden area, so even in a busy business area, you can take time out to relax. Health facilities are often included in similar developments, and whether it’s exercising in a park or going to a gym or class, any sporting activity you want to try will be available.

Forty-seven per cent of Greater London is green spaces and it has three thousand parks which are designated as public open spaces to explore and have fun in. Add to this London’s canals, reservoirs and riverside spaces, and you have a well-connected network of outdoor spaces offering you a much greener London than you may have expected. It doesn’t stop there; London’s Mayor has ambitions for the city to become the world’s first National City Park with 50% of the city being green by 2050. Not only will this continue to ensure Londoners enjoy a greener environment, but it will help wildlife to thrive.

The opportunity for a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just come from the amenities or opportunities to be active, but also from the surrounding environment and the levels of pollution we’re exposed to. Cities are a focus point for developing cleaner air strategies to ensure residents’ health is protected from the impact or pollution. Again, London is making great strides in this area as the first city in the world to establish an Ultra-Low Emissions Zone in its centre. It’s also introducing zero emission buses, extending congestion zone charging and even a “Clean Air Route Finder”, an interactive map that allows you to input any destination and receive a low pollution walking route option, keeping you both active and healthy. Alternatively, excellent public transport links mean you are less likely to need a car of your own so that you can live a greener lifestyle.

For those working in London, there are endless opportunities to find exciting and challenging jobs in an incredibly broad range of industries. London is known for its business and financial districts as well and being a hub for many of the creative industries. The variety of roles and opportunities and the number of businesses means it’s easier to build a career in a city without having to move for work. The possibilities for networking and meeting people with similar interests is also higher, and while the financial cost of living in a city may be higher than in other areas, salaries are also higher than the national average.

When you’re done with the working day, living in the city offers seemingly endless culture and entertainment experiences, and in a city as multicultural as London, the international flavour adds to the excitement. You can also party the night away confident that you can still get home at any time using the 24-hour night tube service. Historical monuments, museums, theatres and galleries, live music and social events are all around the city so no matter what your interests might be, there will always be somewhere to go and enjoy them or even try new ones. This also makes living in cities particularly sociable. There’s always something happening, always something to get involved with and there plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people and expose yourself up to new experiences.

While living in a city means you can have everything on your doorstep, it would be remiss not to mention that cities can also be gateways to the rest of the world. Often transport hubs, cities such as London with its airports, rail network, road links and public transport amenities provide easy access to other parts of the country and beyond. Jump on a train in London and you can be in Paris in just over two hours.

City life is there for the taking, as much or as little as you want. With so many options available to you, perhaps the ultimate reason why city life is so good is that you can live the way you want. Cities offer an unrivalled breadth of choice, and with much focus on making them greener spaces and cleaner environments, you can look forward to a healthy and fulfilling experience.

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