Moving your job/ business to Canary Wharf could be career changing

When changing jobs or relocating your business you do everything you can to make sure it’s the right move, so it’s no coincidence that so many choose Canary Wharf. Dynamic and ambitious people are choosing Canary Wharf because they see how being here, they can realise their aspirations; here’s why you should be considering the area too.

Designed for businesses to succeed

Canary Wharf is designed to provide the best opportunity for people and businesses to be successful. The calibre of developments and amenities attracts the biggest and the best of international organisations and innovative start-ups. Canary Wharf may once have been dominated by financial sector businesses (and they do continue to have a strong presence, attracting some long-established financial institutions to move away from their traditional City of London locations), but these established organisations have been the springboard for successful entrepreneurial start-ups in areas such as fin-tech, digital tech, media and telecoms.

Organisations like these understand the importance of certain locations and how this, in turn, creates networks of clients and meaningful connections between businesses. This effect perpetuates the ability of Canary Wharf to attract high status businesses with exceptional reputations along with their high-end clientele. Why wouldn’t you want to expose your business to this when you’re working to build its reputation?

Businesses can’t exist without supporting infrastructure and Canary Wharf offers the best, with a plentiful supply of modern office space, exceptional amenities for employees, environments that are a pleasure to work in and easy access to partners and clients in London and beyond. It all adds up to make relocating your business easier and to get it up and running while you can be confident that your new location will be future proofed to facilitate growth.

Opportunities like no other

Much has been said about the high salaries paid in the industries represented by many of the companies at Canary Wharf, but dynamic, high calibre, fast growth businesses need exceptional people and they pay the salaries that attract this talent and level of experience. Proximity to such a pool of talent is also highly valued, helping to make the decision to remain in Canary Wharf easy. To be so closely connected to people similar to yourself, entrepreneurs, directors, industry experts, consultants and developers and to be able to live, work and socialise together perpetuates future possibilities for careers. However, the range of opportunities isn’t the only reason people choose to work in Canary Wharf. Having everything you need on your doorstep is also very attractive.

When you work hard, the commute at either end of your day can have a big influence over how you feel about you overall working experience and the impact it has on quality of life, but this doesn’t have to be a negative factor if you work in Canary Wharf. Alongside prestigious office locations sit high end, residential properties, all set in an exciting environment. Amongst the impressive high rises, are green areas and riverside locations to relax in, allowing for a change in scenery to suit your mood.

You may choose to work in Canary Wharf and live here to spare yourself a commute, but once you’re here you may not want to leave. There’s a vibrant and diverse community, enjoying a wide range of establishments to eat and drink in (many of which have their own reputation for excellence) and shops offering a mix of designer brands and quality retail. More than this, you can enjoy summer screenings broadcasting a range of events, art events and festivals, all providing an opportunity to help create a desirable work-life balance, all on your doorstep.

Location, Location, Location

The ongoing regeneration of the area has resulted in an exciting mix of commercial, residential and recreation, so you can work, rest and play within Canary Wharf. Because this has been a purposeful part of the development, the integration of these three very different aspects of life is seamless, giving Canary Wharf a distinctive vibe all of its own. This is all set in a backdrop of beautiful surroundings, partly created by the architecture but also a result of the care taken to capitalise fully on the city backdrop and waterside location.

Geographical location of Canary Wharf is also key to its popularity. Already serviced by transport lines that provide access across London, the new Crossrail project further enhances the opportunity to attract people to the area. Easy access to national and international train networks keep business and employers connected to opportunities beyond London and the City Airport, which is less than 3 miles away has flights to many European destinations.

From original dockland to contemporary, eye-catching architecture that shines brightly on the London skyline, regeneration in Canary Wharf is a success story representing what can be achieved when there is a clear ambition for the potential of an area and a drive to not miss an opportunity. The reputation of Canary Wharf continues to grow, establishing it as a symbol of success in a global economy. Would you like to be a part of that?

The Madison in Canary Wharf is situated in the prime location, next to the business district of Canary Wharf and the DLR, which brings you straight into London’s City centre. This high-end residential development reaches 53 stories up to the sky offering unparalleled views of one of London’s most dynamic areas. The Madison offers much more than just the incredible location, discover more of what this luxury residential tower has to offer.

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