Moving Closer to Work Could Be Life Changing

Once you land a new job in the city, you have to choose between living in town or on the outskirts of the city within Greater London. People usually find a property closer to Central London more expensive, but living outside of town has other additional costs such as fuel costs, not forgetting maintenance of your car or other commuter charges like trains and congestion charges from the workplace to home. Additionally, you still have to pay rent for your apartment outside the city. Eventually, you realise that the costs of living outside of town outweigh those with property in the City. Here is why you should consider paying higher rent to stay closer to the workplace.

Reduced Commute

When you live near your workplace in the city, you reduce the time required to travel from your apartment. You can even rent an apartment which is within walking distance of your new workplace. Remember that time is money. You can use the time saved from commuting shorter miles to engage in other activities such as improving health by participating in physical exercises like joining a gym or doing yoga classes. London has efficient public transport and quick interlinks around the municipality hence you can manoeuvre around the town with ease. You can spend your saved time to improve your work-life balance, use the time for your hobbies or to spend it with your family and friends.

Easily Accessible to Everything

Staying in the hub of the city, you can access most of the stuff you require easily and quickly. You can use quick links to the town to shop in the newest malls. You can purchase electronics or furniture for your home from the best retailers in the city. Additionally, you have access to best entertainment joints in town among other services. Obtaining an apartment in the city provides you with immediate access to the best facilities in the UK. Living near your work improves your reliability in your job, you become more punctual and energetic from the extra sleep. Living within the city also can indicate to your employers that you are dedicated and reliable in all conditions.

Saves Money and Your Time

One of the main reasons why moving closer to work is life changing is because it keeps your commuting costs down and this is not only for work but social occasions too. If you stay outside the city, you will have to pay commute every day to and from work. If you stay near your workplace, then you don’t need to purchase a car, petrol or travel hours on the train or pay the congestion charge. You can use efficient public transport or walk to the office. The funds you have saved on purchasing a car and petrol can now be used on renting a better apartment with higher investment.

Your time is priceless, and you should reduce time lost on long-distance commuting and traffic jams. You should, therefore, find housing in the city close to your office. You can use the time for more productive activities. You might pay more per square metre for buying in Central London, but you will save more on the commute and of your time. Also, the availability of public transport eliminates parking charges since you don't have to drive to work. You will have immediate access to services once you make the decision and relocate to the city centre.

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