How to Design Your Home to be More Zen

Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary; the place where you can decongest after a day of running around. However, you need a peaceful place to achieve that because the environment largely influences your ability to relax. Your home should be a mindful place where you can rejuvenate and rid your body of worries. This need is what has given birth to the Zen principle in interior design. The Zen philosophy is based on simplicity and peacefulness. By changing a few elements of your surroundings, you can come up with a living space that doesn’t just cater to your comfort but your purity of mind as well. Blending minimalist designs, natural themes and relaxed palettes can help you strike the perfect balance.

Try Out Simple Low Furniture

Furniture eats up a lot of space in a home, and that may be another reason the place doesn’t feel as welcoming as you would like. When a room has too much going with armchairs, sofa sets and tables, it can feel cramped. Zen interior design is about opening up your home as much as possible and low furniture is one way to do that. Pick low furniture that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Focus more on quality rather than quantity. A minimalist theme means keeping the space as clear as possible.

Simplicity is another trait to add to your furniture choices. A Zen living space is characterised by clean-cut lines with as little ornamentation as possible. Pick furnishings that don’t try too much to be the centre of attention. Match the furniture colours with the natural theme of the interior design. In the bedroom where most people run to for solace, use few pillows on the bed, so there are not too many distractions. If there is a reading area, have a simple desk and armchair that blends seamlessly with the rest of the décor.

Stay Neutral with Colours

The colours you use to decorate your living space can make or break the atmosphere. It may be enticing to use loud colours, especially when you have a modern theme going on but soft palettes will achieve a Zen space more effectively. Earth colours like greys, browns and shades of beige are calming and will create a space that feels like a spa. The point of using natural hues is to give the space a meditative feel with colours that don’t overwhelm the senses. There is also a neatness that you get with neutral tones.

Soft colours don’t mean that your interior decor has to be dull. You can have primary colours but in cool shades. Adding a splash of baby blue or cool green can break a monochromatic theme nicely. Neutral hues in the bedroom can make it easier to sleep because they help calm your thoughts. Natural colours are meant to reduce stimulation, which is the last thing you need when you want to relax.

De-clutter Your Space

Cluttering is something that a lot of people are guilty of. You may not even know your home is filled with unnecessary items until you begin to de-clutter. The ‘stuff’ that you have around the house is a source of chaos that interferes with your mindfulness. Accessories can, especially increase the clutter in your home. A souvenir here, an extra throw pillow there or a faux art piece on the wall can turn to clutter faster than you can notice. To give your home that Zen atmosphere, you need to keep spaces clear and everything in its place.

Look around your home and identify what needs to be there and what is just filling up space. The point is to get as much open space as the home allows. You can replace some items with those that add more calm to the living space. For things that you don’t wish to throw away, find concealed storage for them. For instance, you can have small baskets in your office for stationery and other supplies so that the desk is always clear. Think of clutter elimination as a detox for your mind; the less you see, the less you are distracted.

The space you surround yourself with is a reflection of what is going on inside. If your mind is to relax and re-energise, the space has to be conducive enough to provide it. Zen interior design focuses on minimising distractions around your home and blending styles that bring peace.

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