Award-winning Make Architects, designers of The Madison

Based in Canary Wharf, The Madison is a 53-storey residential development offering luxury accommodation, exceptional resident amenities and breath-taking views across London. Initially thought of primarily as a business district, exciting new developments have transformed the area into a vibrant mix of residential, retail, leisure and commercial properties and businesses.

With a reputation for quality and high-end living, Canary Wharf has become one of the world’s most sought-after mixed-use districts. That’s why this prime London location is attracting some of the most prestigious developments by the most talented and innovative architects at the international level.

Make Architects are responsible for both the building architecture and interior design of The Madison, in the heart of the Docklands. Their imaginative team completed a thorough design process, exploring in great detail all aspect of the building design, construction and performance. This has enabled Make Architects to create a striking building that is finished to the most exacting specifications, set within a superb living environment, delivering the highest living standards.

Make Architects was founded in 2004 and currently employs over 150 people. Make provide services from concept to completion for architecture, interior and urban design solutions. With offices in London, Hong Kong and Sydney, Make have worked on more than 1,000 projects around the world, completing 40 buildings, achieving 91 planning consents and realising seven masterplans supporting international clients.

Examples of some of the international work Make have undertaken include; The Luna, a 32 storey residential tower in Hong Kong’s commercial district of Wan Chai and the Temple House, a hotel that forms a vital part of the Chengdu Daci Temple Cultural and Commercial Complex.

Make drives innovation through the way they’ve structured their business through the creation of the Make Charter. There is no hierarchical employee structure, which allows ideas to flow freely across the organisation and empower collaboration across teams. The Make Charter provides clear direction on all projects with a simple mission statement: “To design the best places, spaces and buildings in the world”.

This organisation helps ensure their promise of quality services is upheld. The Make Charter also acts as a tool to find solutions to challenges and a checklist for considering all aspects of a project. Each project for Make presents an exciting opportunity to tap into its uniqueness while considering “What’s best for the site? What’s best for the people using it and the overall environment? What’s best for the client and their investment? What’s best in terms of ambition and legacy?”

Make believes that “inspired interior design enhances people’s experience of a space.” As the firm responsible for both the architecture and interior design of The Madison, this ethos is apparent in the consistent high standards throughout the development, from the “wow” factor as you enter the lobby of The Madison to the careful consideration put into the residents’ amenities, including a swimming pool, spa, gym, resident shared areas and meeting spaces. These all offer a sense of luxury enhanced further by the panoramic views of the surrounding city.

When you design for clients who you know will have high and exacting standards, every attention must be given to detail while at the same time maintaining a clear focus on the end effect, and The Madison does not disappoint. Make Architects have created apartments with a light and airy feel, making the most of the city views, many with balconies or winter gardens to connect the interior with the external space. The overall concept ties the internal and external designs together producing a strong identity with character and style. Textures, lighting, quality fittings and bespoke details have all been carefully considered. Each element delivers its own impact while contributing to the overall aesthetics of each apartment.

From the very start of the project, providing better access to open space for all residents was a driving force and the resulting slender design of the building allowed 70% of the site to be given back to the public for new landscaped public gardens and a children’s play area. The Madison is so well integrated into its surroundings that it is clear Make were very conscious about including space for recreation and sociable places to meet as part of the overall design. The development will also improve access to the waterside of Canary Wharf, making sure all aspects of this unique environment realise their full potential. These green spaces and fresh air help to provide peace and tranquillity, even while residents are in such close proximity to a bustling financial centre.

Make Architects were also keen to ensure that the 53-storey block would complement its surrounding area and clever, innovative architecture has realised this goal. Built in the old docklands area of London and surrounded by water, Make were inspired by the “fluidity” of the area. The elegant building has a fin-clad façade that creates a moiré rippling effect with angled peaks but an overall slender silhouette.

According to Tower Hamlets Council’s Development Committee, the original plan for The Madison scheme comprised “an elegant tower which makes a positive contribution to the skyline.” The vision of Make Architects and their dedication to realising the full potential of The Madison has created a building that makes a positive impact on the local environment and provides residents with a high-end living experience.

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